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Calcium Formate Feed Grade

Looking for other grade? Calcium Formate Tech Grade

CAS number: 544-17-2

Molecular formula: (HCOO)2Ca
Molecular Weight: 130.12

Calcium formate feed grade is a white crystalline powder, slightly moisture absorption, bitter, neutrality, nontoxic, dissolve in water.


Items Feed grade
Main content as Calcium Formate, % 98 min
Ca, % 30.4 min
Moisture, % 0.5max
PH (10% aqueous solution) 6.0~7.5
Pb, % 0.001 max
As, % 0.002 max
Insoluble substances, % 0.20 max
Weightlessness, % 1.0 max

In 25Kg net bags or 1000kg jumbo bag.

Calcium formate feed grade can be used as a new type of feed additives, applicable to all kinds of animals.

MSDS: Available when required.

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