Chemical of China

Organic Pigments for Coating

Color of pigment Product name Color index No. Recommended Applications TDS
Full shade Tint Industrial paint Coil coating Powder coating Water-based paint Solvent-based paint Automotive Coating Textile Printing
    Fast Red F2R P.R.2           PDF
    Toluidine Red P.R.3         PDF
    Fast Red F4R P.R.8           PDF
    Fast Red 2R P.R.21             PDF
    Fast Red N P.R.22             PDF
    Fast Red BBC P.R.48:2         PDF
    Pigment Red 2BP P.R.48:2             PDF
    Fast Red 2BS P.R.48:3           PDF
    Fast Red 2BSP P.R.48:3             PDF
    Fast Scarlet 4BM P.R.48:4         PDF
    Lithol Scarlet Red P.R.52:2           PDF
    Permanent Red FGR P.R.112       PDF
    Quindo Red 122 P.R.122 PDF
    Permanent Pink FBB P.R.146           PDF
    Permanent Red 2RK P.R.170   PDF
    Permanent Red 3RK P.R.170   PDF
    Permanent Red 5RK P.R.170   PDF
    Fast Red A3B P.R.177   PDF
    DPP Red 2030 P.R.254   PDF
    Permanent Orange RN P.O.5       PDF
    Fast Orange G P.O.13       PDF
    Fast Orange RL P.O.34     PDF
    Fast Yellow GW P.Y.1         PDF
    Fast Yellow 10GW P.Y.3         PDF
    Benzidine Yellow G P.Y.12             PDF
    Permanent Yellow RN P.Y.65         PDF
    Permanent Yellow 5GX P.Y.74         PDF
    Permanent Yellow OP-180 P.Y.74           PDF
    Permanent Yellow 2GX P.Y.74           PDF
    Permanent Yellow HR70 P.Y.83 PDF
    Pigment Yellow 3RL P.Y.110     PDF
    Pigment Yellow R40 P.Y.139     PDF
    Permanent Yellow E4G P.Y.150             PDF
    Permanent Yellow H4G P.Y.151 PDF
    Fast Violet Toner R P.V.3             PDF
    Quindo Violet 201 P.V.19 PDF
    Quindo Violet 3B P.V.19   PDF
    Quindo Violet 5B P.V.19   PDF
    Permanent Violet RL-B P.V.23 PDF
    Permanent Violet RL-R P.V.23 PDF
    Cyanine Blue B1502 P.B.15:0           PDF
    Cyanine Blue BS1512 P.B.15:1     PDF
    Cyanine Blue BGS1532 P.B.15:3     PDF
    Cyanine Blue BGSF P.B.15:4           PDF
    Cyanine Green G02 P.G.7         PDF
    Milori Blue P.B.27       PDF
  • Our products information is based upon our current knowledge. Customers must do the necessary test of individual product before put it into applications.
  • The color shade is used as reference only.
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