Chemical of China

Organic Pigments for Plastic

Color of pigment Product name Color index No. Recommended application TDS
Full shade Tint PVC PO Fiber PS.PC.PA PU
    Fast Red BBC P.R.48:2       PDF
    Pigment Red 2BP P.R.48:2     PDF
    Pigment Red 2BSP P.R.48:3     PDF
    Fast Red BBM P.R.48:4         PDF
    Red Lake C-P P.R.53:1     PDF
    Fast Rubine 4BP P.R.57:1     PDF
    Quindo Red 122 P.R.122 PDF
    Permanent Red 3RK P.R.170       PDF
    Permanent Red 5RK P.R.170       PDF
    Fast Red A3B P.R.177 PDF
    DPP Red 2030 P.R.254 PDF
    Fast Orange G P.O.13   PDF
    Fast Orange RL P.O.34         PDF
    Permanent Orange HL70 P.O.36 PDF
    Benzidine Yellow G P.Y.12   PDF
    Permanent Yellow GR P.Y.13       PDF
    Fast Yellow 2GS-P P.Y.14   PDF
    Permanent Yellow HR P.Y.83     PDF
    Permanent Yellow HR-P P.Y.83 PDF
    Pigment Yellow 2RP P.Y.110   PDF
    Pigment Yellow H2R P.Y.139   PDF
    Permanent Yellow 5GN P.Y.150 PDF
    Permanent Yellow H 4G P.Y.151 PDF
    Permanent Yellow H 3G P.Y.154 PDF
    Permanent Yellow 2RP P.Y.191:1       PDF
    Quindo Violet 201 P.V.19       PDF
    Quindo Violet 3B P.V.19   PDF
    Quindo Violet 5B P.V.19   PDF
    Permanent Violet RL-R P.V.23 PDF
    Cyanine Blue B1501 P.B.15:0         PDF
    Cyanine Blue BS1511 P.B.15:1 PDF
    Cyanine Blue BGS1531 P.B.15:3 PDF
    Cyanine Green G01 P.G.7 PDF
  • Our products information is based upon our current knowledge. Customers must do the necessary test of individual product before put it into applications.
  • The color shade is used as reference only.
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