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Chemmax is a professional chemical company in sales, marketing, distribution and manufacturing. We offer complete solutions in chemical to the global market with China origin.

Our sales people are market focused technical experts and can provide advice on formulation and application to help our customers. We count on this professional sales team to guarantee the development of integral solutions that satisfy customer's demand. The sales force is supported by an effective logistic system to secure availability and cost competition.

We make strategic alliance with those middle size manufactories whose products have good performance in domestic market and represent them to enter the international market. We share the value with those partners. Our strategy made the business go up dramatically in the past several years. Now our products and service present to more than 25 countries all over world.

To cover some segment markets, we set up Gian Plastic and Daoking Chemical. Gian is focusing on UPVC profiles producing. Daoking Chemical involves in PVC heat stabilizers and repesents chemicals from international market to China market.

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